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Best Ski Helmets 2017

A couple of years ago when I was being introduced to the marvelous world of skiing, I didn’t really pay much attention to the gear I was provided with. My assumption was “if this is what they use, and they are brand new; then I’m good to go!” As far as ski helmets were concerned I was only interested in their color. Not a single thought was given to the aspect of comfort, safety value, shape, weight, or even durability. All I wanted to do was learn how to ski as quickly as possible. But with growing experience, I came to learn how to pay attention to the finer details as far as skiing is concerned. Naturally, safety comes first and now I never step out for a skiing gig without best ski helmets in my bags.

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What to Look For In a Ski Helmet?

Helmet Components – My first point of focus is the helmet shell. What is it made of? I do not settle for anything other than ABS high impact plastic. This material (I realized the hard way) can hold its own against sharp objects as well as abrasions. I bumped my head against a half-cut tree branch but apart from taking an incredible tumble and brief dizziness I was OK and even went ahead to continue skiing. That is why I am always out for a ski helmet with a rigid outer surface.

Liners – I always insist on being comfortable in whatever gear I put on before embarking on a skiing exercise. This allows me to have full focus when shuttling down a hill. Linings do not have to be made from a particular type of material, but most of my helmets present and past happen to be made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). This material resembles Styrofoam. Whenever I hit my head (which used to happen a lot in yesteryears); the liners would absorb some of the shock of the impact and also protect my head from abrasions or accidental cuts. The helmet should protect skiers from its own outer shell.

Ski helmet construction – Ski helmets are made in different builds. I personally like in-mold helmets. The shell and shock absorbing foam are attached together and molded. The result is usually a very light helmet. However, I have also owned injection molded helmets and they weren’t shabby either. The one thing that goes for them is their durability. I quite did not fancy the detachable ear pads however.

Helmet fit and sizing – I always make a point of trying a helmet on right there in the store before making a purchase. I even put on goggles just to see if the helmet brings out my desired look. Getting a feel of the helmet is a good indicator of how things will pan out when I’m on that adrenaline-enhanced descent on an icy hillside.

Helmet accessories – The helmet buckle seems like a trivial aspect on a helmet but I bet a few skiers, like me, have had a bit of discomfort stemming from the chinstrap midway through their skiing stint. While I don’t want my helmet come off during mid-flight, I am also not interested in having my throat ripped apart by the buckle. A snug fit should be considered at all times.

Best Men’s Ski Helmets Reviews

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

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I only had one word for this snow sportswear item. DIVINE! It is not the current helmet I am using by virtue of its color, but I rate it very highly among all the helmets I have tried out. I hand – picked a dark grey version of the Lucky Bums helmet out of curiosity. I love that it is available in a variety of sizes suitable for both kids and adults. The grey outer surface blends nicely with the black inner linings.

My admiration for it did not end there; it comes with a nifty adjustable grip so I was sure my biggish head would snuggle in just fine. I felt comfortable in this helmet right away; and wondered how come I had never come across any advertisements for it. I have read tons of headgear magazines and am sure I had never come across this fine piece. I think the head-circumference sizes on the Lucky Bums site are a bit off from reality (because my actual size was put in the XL category whereas in most cases I usually settle for Large.

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

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My big head found a perfect abode in the Smith Optics Unisex helmet. As usual, my main motivation for this helmet had something to do with color. I saw it at one of our local stores and knew right away that it would be a perfect fit for my bright yellow ski suit. The “Unisex” tag was the excuse for my quick purchase (I admit, I did not even properly try it on till the next skiing trip).

I have seen the same model being used by bikers several times so it must be that good. It was unbelievably comfortable when I put it on. It instantly became my multipurpose helmet. I would use it for skiing and snowboarding intermittently, although I got a lot of jibes from my buddies over the color of the Smith Optics helmet. I felt surprisingly warm even in the chilliest weather conditions.

The only regret I have is that I could not find a similar product for children and I really wanted to get one for my daughter.

K2 Phase Pro Ski Helmet

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About a year ago I got a K2 Phase Pro Ski Helmet as a gift. I did not get to use it until a few weeks ago. While it was ok in every sense, I still could not help feeling underwhelmed. I am reluctant to give it a negative review because chances are I was not overly impressed by virtue of having used better helmets before this particular one. Maybe I would have loved it more if I had got to it earlier. All in all I thought I’d still go ahead and review it basing on my experience. What the K2 lacked in aesthetics was generously compensated for in the aspect of comfort. If comfort is your primary concern while going for a helmet then this one is definitely one you should consider having. If I was to describe it in one word, COOL would be it. On the front there is a nifty little slide vent which I think is a wonderful piece of ingenuity. The moment I started feeling a bit hot all I did was open the vent and wow! I instantly cooled off against the daytime breeze. I checked out the prices and realized it was quite cheap. I made a point to always use K2’s whenever I was out for a bike ride.

Best Women’s Ski Helmets Reviews

Giro Women’s Lure Snow Helmet

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Before wife even tried out the Giro Women’s Lure helmet, everything about them seemed ladylike. She is always worried about her hairstyle and particularly hates it when helmet creases get stuck on her hair for hours on end. To this end alone, she instantly loved this cute helmet. She is one of those people with long bushy hair that somehow does not agree with humidity. With her previous helmets, after snowboarding she would end up looking like some kind of crazed animal (her own words). Her hairstyle would be skewed and the humidity would just make things worse. Plus, she could never seem to get the right fitting for her head size. One time it would be a tad bit too tight, the next she would have it bobbing over her head. Well, that is past news because now she has the Giro Women’s helmet. The inside is so soft and warm she would sometimes forget that she even had it on her head. In case she got too warm, the vents come in handy and let in some cool breeze to ease her discomfort.

I did not buy it online, but realized if I had done so I would have saved some $35.00 or so. You should definitely get it.

Smith Optics Women’s Adult Valence Snow Sports Helmet

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I took my wife to replace her old snowboarding helmet and she was attracted to this particular helmet for all the wrong reasons. But surprisingly it turned out to be one of our best buys. I consider myself an old-school shopper and cannot resist a session of old fashioned shopping at a supplies store. The first thing that drew our attention to the Smith Optics helmet was just how shiny it was. They were probably the shiniest equipment in the store! My wife automatically went for a red one and tried it on. It was bliss. She saw the Skullcandy Audio Systems label on it but had no idea what it was about. By then I too was already in love with it. The hybrid outer shell seemed a very light feel to the touch and I instantly knew it would work for her just fine. It is also fitted with 18 vents for cooling off. There is an option for opening or closing the vents too. We seriously haven’t come across a better helmet than this one.

XS Helmets Women Freeride All-Season Helmet with Removable Ear Covers

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If you ever want a multipurpose helmet then this right here is the perfect fit for you. The XS is a helmet for all seasons; and suitable for both women and youth. My wife loves skating, snowboarding and skiing; so this helmet fit well with her. I got several for my family as well and when we have them on we probably are the coolest people in the arena. The helmet comes with a carryon – something I have not seen before. The detachable fur ear covers are quite handy as well whenever temperatures suddenly drop. My wife tried fitting it on her head using the dimensions on the XS website but she couldn’t find her fit until I just randomly fixed it on her head after a few tries. When she cut off her hair, she was afraid that the helmet would be too big for her but no! The extra padding that came with it made up for the lost volume and it fits perfectly. For a multitasker like her, the XS helmet is the best bet.

Best Kid’s Ski Helmets Reviews

Giro Launch Plus Snow Helmet – Kid’s

I was a bit reluctant to get the Giro Launch Snow Helmet for kids because the previous Giro Helmet I had was not very good in most aspects. The store owner actually convinced me to get this one for my kids and that is why I indulged; with the agreement that if they did not love them I would return them to the store. My two children (4 and 6 years old) however, instantly loved the helmets and we did not have to go down that road. Unlike my Giro helmet for adults theirs had in-mold construction with vertical tuning and seemed to go well with the youth goggles I had previously bought. The only thing I am concerned about is that they will quickly outgrow the helmets and I am not sure if I can easily find the next size for them.

Giro Dime Helmet – Kid’s

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As the name probably suggests, this Giro helmet is a dime. My 4 year old did not like it because it does not have a visor like the one he was used to but one bike ride later and he was gushing over the new helmet. It being a kids’ helmet, all I was concerned about was its safety features. I did not regard any other factors but I was quickly won over. The shell material is made of ABS with a fit kit pad system put in place. I knew if my baby took a tumble he would not get too hurt. 8 vents catered for the helmet’s ventilation and my baby would still enjoy using the helmet even in spring. The long straps meant that I could easily fit it onto my child’s head and there was no risk that it would fall off. The only thing I did not like was that after fitting it, there was a lot of extra loop remaining and the kid kept chewing at it. All in all it was in every way worth the money I spent.


Sometimes you will come across a helmet that is so like you. You will see it and it will portray your exact attitude, style, and mien. However, that is not what helmets are for. They can be made to look very attractive but in case of an accident, it is not beauty that will assist in cushioning the impact. I always make a point of putting safety first before aesthetic value. Usually, anything that feels comfortable on your head is preferred but all factors should be catered for before you decide that it is the right purchase. Some helmets are quite costly but after a serious accident they should be discarded. Get a helmet that represents good value for money.

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